The Sustainability and Optimization Fund for Intelligent Energy in Industry (SOFIE) is a financial mechanism for support of projects in the area of energy efficiency of production enterprises. The policy of the fund is to finance projects, which aim to achieve significant levels of energy savings, production of energy from renewable energy sources and reduction of CO2 emissions of industrial and production organizations. The main goal is for the energy efficiency measures to lead to sustainable development of the processes at the energy facility on one hand, and, on the other hand, to have a beneficial influence on the cost price of a unit of production. The strategy of SOFIE to stimulate projects in the area of energy efficiency of production enterprises will lead to optimization and modernization as well as to productivity growth and growth in revenue.

SOFIE has a highly qualified and competent team, who can help You with the choice of energy savings measures and their combination, as well as offer the best technologies in use at the moment.

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